Who We Are

Welcome! Tablelands Presbyterian Church (TPC) is a community of Bible believing Christians seeking to serve God on the Atherton Tablelands.

We’re people from all sorts of different places, backgrounds, ages and cultures who seek to live each day in light of what God has done for us through Jesus. This means that we like to meet together in big and small groups, socially and formally; as well as pray for and encourage one another in day to day life.

What We Believe

We believe that everyone is in need of the loving kindness of God and that everyone is able to receive it! If this is something you’d like to learn more about, we suggest you check out this very simple explanation of what we believe:

As a Bible believing church, make the Bible central to all we do. Why? Because it’s through the Bible that we get to meet Jesus and find out who God is and how he’s loved us.

As a member of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, we believe that the most thorough summary of what the Bible teaches us is the Westminster Confession of Faith. You can check it out here

“What is the chief end of man? Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” (from The Westminster Shorter Catechism)

Reading Holy Bible

Our Ministry Team

Every Member Ministry

At TPC all our members are part of the ministry team. We each seek to use our gifts in music, technology, administration, cooking, cleaning, encouragement, teaching, mowing, kid’s & youth ministry and much more to serve God and grow His kingdom. Below are a few specific team members who have more visible roles.

Pastor - Lindsay Foster

Lindsay has been the Pastor of TPC since January 2017. He’s married to Merryn and they have 4 kids. Lindsay enjoys preaching and seeing people understand the great news of Jesus through the Bible. He also enjoys cycling, a bit of running and trying not to kill plants in his garden.

Elder and Preacher - Phil Cory

Phil is one of our regular preachers and has been a part of TPC since 2014. He is married to Colleen and they have six adult children and fourteen grandchildren. Phil enjoys sharing the good news of Jesus, and helping people grow ever closer to him. Phil’s hobbies are sailing, cycling and gardening.

Session (Elders)

Alan Johnson (Session Clerk)

Don Blandford

Phil Cory

Lindsay Foster

Committee of Management

Lyn Clark

Marjorie Stuart

Leila Blandford

Alan Polley

Lyn Bunyan

Phyllis Walker

Sunday Services

10am and 4pm Services

We meet across two intergenerational services in which we gather together to sing, pray, hear God’s Word read and taught, and to fellowship with one another. All are welcome!

What We Do

Kids and Youth


Since COVID we haven't restarted Kid's Church yet, but invite the children to stay in the service with us, being involved in the weekly kids talk and having a new activity sheet to do each week. The service is also shown on the big screen in our adjacent hall if you want to give your kids a bit more room.

Kid's Club (Prep - Year 6)

Fridays 3-5 During School Term

We play games, have afternoon tea, sing songs, and learn stories from the Bible about Jesus in fun and creative ways.

Everyone is welcome.

Youth Group (Year 7-12)

Friday's 3-5 During School Term (arrive when you can)

2-3 Friday nights a term

Youth Group joins Kids Club for the first hour of games and afternoon tea, then separate at 4pm for their own study group.

Bible Studies

Our weekly Bible Study groups run during school terms and are an opportunity to study the Bible, ask questions and to share in fellowship.

We have a variety of groups that run in the evenings and during the day; Men's, Women's and Mixed; across the Tablelands Region.

Contact us below for more information.

Service Archive

You can find our past services on our Youtube channel


All are welcome!

Find us at:

22 Jack Street

Atherton QLD 4883

(07) 4001 2157

Services: 10am and 4pm

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